Graduate Schools

Graduate Schools

Graduate School of Social System Studies

〈Master's Programs〉
Master's Program in Economics

Seeks to develop human resources with deep insight and broad perspective, to design and suggest practical and logical policies for development of regional economy and industry.

Master's Program in Language and Culture
Offer programs that impart expertise and skills relating to culture and language, enabling development of deep insight and a broad perspective of the world.

Master's Program in Human Relations and Community Studies
Integrating different academic fields relating to human relations so as to educate professionals with advanced skills needed to promote revitalization of local communities.

Master's Program in East-Asian and International Studies
Seeks to develop human resources with deep insight and broad perspective who can play active roles in East Asia and other multinational societies.

〈PhD Program〉
PhD. Program in Social System Studies

Provides opportunities for study regarding regional communities/policies incorporating ideological and cultural viewpoints, focusing on Kitakyushu and East/Southeast Asian regions.

Graduate School of Law 〈Master's Program〉

Studies legal issues in local communities from an international perspective.

Graduate School of Business Administration 〈Professional Degree Program〉

Provides programs to develop businesspersons with excellent skills in business administration and management who will play leading roles in local communities

Graduate School of Environmental Engineering

〈PhD Program〉〈Master's Program〉

Graduate Programs in Environmental Systems
Offer programs to develop human resources who can analyze resource, energy and environmental issues in a comprehensive manner, deal with interrelating issues in a systematical manner to develop solutions, and resolve issues fully, using advanced biotechnology and science technology.

Graduate Programs in Environmental Engineering
Provides flexible cross-disciplinary education programs making best use of past achievements in research and education activities in the areas of machinery systems and architectural designing.

Graduate Programs in Information Engineering
Seeks to develop specialists in designing telecommunication environments so as to enable user-friendly operation of multimedia information.