Faculty of Foreign Studies

Department of English
Seeks to develop human resources with high English proficiency and skills needed to play an active role in the international community.

Department of Chinese
Offers programs in Chinese language and culture to impart understanding of actual situations in a rapidly developing China.

Department of International Relations
Offers curriculums that develop knowledge, intelligence and language skills necessary for working in multicultural environments.

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Department of Economics
Offers programs combining theoretical and practical studies to nurture economists who will play a leading role in society.

Department of Business Administration
Focuses on nurturing specialists in economics who can deal with increasingly sophisticated information management.

Faculty of Humanities

Department of Comparative Culture
Employs multidimensional approaches to cultural studies so as to develop human resources with the intelligence and knowledge needed in dealing with today's cross-cultural issues.

Department of Human Relations
Studies relations between humans, society and culture focusing on human activities.

Faculty of Law

Department of Law
Offers programs to develop skills in viewing issues from a legal perspective, and design solutions for various social phenomena.

Department of Policy Studies
Explores new policy approaches to coping with increasingly complicated international social issues

School of Regional Development

Seeks to develop human resources who can contribute to regional development and revitalization.

Faculty of Environmental Engineering

Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Works on clean energy development, environmental conservation, and resource recycling based on chemical studies.

Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering
Aims to develop a sustainable society based on environmentally friendly manufacturing methods.

Department of Information Systems Engineering
Explores communication technology potential using advanced IT skills

Department of Architecture
Works on urban planning for the 21st century with the key phrase: environmental-friendly lifestyle.

Department of Life and Environment Engineering
Seeks to develop new technologies based on research regarding ecosystems and sophisticated mechanisms in the bodies of living things.

Center for Fundamental Education

Forty full-time lecturers offer education to give students a solid foundation so they can think and make decisions on their own and act independently.