Xiao-Hong LI

Xiao-Hong LI

Title Professor
Degree Doctor of Engineering
Department Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
E-mail lixiaohong[ at ]
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Education 1996: PhD from The University of Tokyo
Employment History 1982- Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Liaoning Normal University, China
1992- Visiting Scholar, The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering
1997- Researcher, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization
2000- Associate Professor, Professor, The University of Kitakyushu
Teaching Activities Experiments inPhysical Chemistry
Structural Chemistry
Processes of Energy Chemistry
Solid State Materials Chemistry
Advanced Reaction Designand Engineering
Research Interest Activation of natural gas
Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Direct synthesis of middle isoparaffins from synthesis gas
LPG Synthesis
Low-pressure methanol synthesis
eggshell-type catalyst
Nanostructured Catalyst

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Other activities