Graduate Programs in Environmental Engineering

Graduate Programs in Environmental Engineering

Environmental problems are urgent problems that humans must resolve by bringing together collective expertise. Present-day complex environmental problems range from problems in the living environment to environmental problems of a global scale. Solving these problems to create an even richer environment requires an accurate understanding of the problems from a broad perspective and appropriate actions. The Environmental Engineering Course integrates and consolidates specialized areas related to the Machine Systems Engineering Department and the Architecture and Design Department, and fully leverages the wealth of research and education from each discipline to offer a inter-disciplinary education that goes beyond the traditional specialization framework.

Master’s Program(Number of places: 50)

  • Master of Engineering
  • Master of Philosophy

Doctoral Program(Number of places: 8)

  • Doctor of Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy


Mechanical Systems Engineering Course

This course provides perspectives to see Sustainable Development from a viewpoint of both reduction in environmental load and economic development combined and to see environmental improvement as the primal target of their work. Students receive training in the field of building environment-conscious energy system such as effective energy conversion and effective utilization of natural energy, design methods in view of environment, quality, safety, and reliability; and environmental technologies optimized based on the concerning principles. This course provides training for students to become environmental engineers with global perspective, giving them up-to-date information and knowledge, and serves as a place to reeducate adult students as well to meet the growing demand for such engineers.

Architecture Course

environmental space design including residential environment design, environmental space conservation structure, and urban architecture energy system to create and conserve architecture, cities, and regions in the age of global environment, along with related fields. Through this course, students will be specialized in skills in solving problems concerning architecture and regions according to the situation in specialized and comprehensive manners so as to become a designer with technological perspective, or a an engineer having viewpoints of design.