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The Center for International Education & Exchange
The Center for International Education & Exchange was established in 2002 to further promote international programs of the University of Kitakyushu, such as joint academic programs and student exchange with overseas institutes. The center has implemented various programs to facilitate international exchange through daily activities in academic, cultural and life-related areas, so as to make the campuses even more open to the international community as a place for international joint activities.
Academic exchange Japanese language education Support of study overseas
Exchange programs are underway with universities and research institutes in the US, China, UK, Germany, South Korea, Australia and Canada. Partnerships will be entered into with more universities worldwide, to further expand student exchange programs, in response to requests from many students. 
Japanese lessons at various levels are offered to students from abroad, whose number continues to increase in recent years. Basic Japanese lessons are offered to Japanese children who were raised abroad and expatriates living in the Kitakyushu area. Japanese students are running a tutoring program to support students from abroad. Educational and research programs by designated teachers are also underway, regarding such subjects as teaching methods of Japanese language and cross-cultural communication. Language classes including lessons to improve TOEFL scores are offered to support students who wish to study in overseas countries.Language-learning curriculums are available at affiliated schools in English- and Chinese-speaking countries, with semiannual student exchange programs implemented in spring and summer. The university provides apartment rooms for exchange students from abroad, to support their life in Japan.