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Student Life


Student Counseling Service

The university not only provides students with an opportunity for learning and group activities, but also functions as a place for self-discovery and personality development. At university, students will face many problems, such as academic and career anxieties, economic concerns or health problems. To help students relieve such concerns, our university provides a Student Counseling Service, in which professional counselors offer support.

International Students Support Center

If there are aspects of everyday or student life in Japan that trouble you, or there is something you don't understand, please do not hesitate to seek advice at the International Students Support Center. The Center is also a place for exchange between students and local volunteers. In addition, there are Chinese-language newspapers and television available for student to use. Many international students come to the Center and enjoy talking with staff and other students in their lunch breaks.

Admission Fee and Tuition Fees

Please see the relevant pages in the website of the Center for International Education and Exchange.

Admission fee and tuition fee
Tuition fee deduction program

International Student House

Accommodations for international students are available at reasonable prices. The accommodations are located in Kitakyushu Science and Research Park.

Outlook of the International Student House   

There are 52 room and each room is  equipped with a study desk, a bed, a refrigerator, shelves, personal bathroom and toilet, kitchen, and an air conditioner.  There are also a study room, meeting hall, washers and driers (coin-operated) in shared area within the International Students House.

Type    Area    Room   Room FeeShared use expenses
Single Room18 square meters50 rooms5,000 yen monthly4,000 yen monthly
Family Room38 square meters 2 rooms10,500 yen monthly4,000 yen monthly
*Besides this, additional electricity and water costs will be charged.

・Due to the high demand for spaces, please note that new students are expected to use a single as a double-occupancy.
・Depending on the number of applicants, there is a possibility of being a lottery.


There are scholarships for privately-funded international students from the Japanese government, local municipal entities, and private foundations or organizations.  The university's alumni association also offers a scholarship. Some scholarships requires an entry through the university, and others accept direct application by a students.  When entries for such scholarships are being sought, the details are posted on the campus bulletin board.  

For the list of scholarships generally available at the University of Kitakyushu, please visit here.

Health Care

Being mentally and physically sound is essential in leading a satisfying campus life. The university pays careful attention to students' health care, and at the university infirmary, a nurse provides first-aid treatment and advice on health care. If necessary, students are referred to a medical institution. Moreover, a physical examination is conducted in April each year for prevention and early identification of diseases. As the need arises, advice on health care is given to those who have a health problem.

For more information and services for the international students, please visit website for the Center for International Education and Exchange.