The University of Kitakyushu Faculty of Environmental Engineering

Graduate Programs in Environmental Systems

Advanced countries consume large amounts of resources and energy, and are facing global environmental problems like global warming and depletion of natural resources, while developing countries are struggling with deterioration of the environment. To solve or ease these problems, each country must work together to ensure the sustainability of humankind. The Environmental Systems Course takes a broad view of resources, energy, and environmental and searches for solutions of these pressing problems. The course also promotes building human resources that can solve those problems by utilizing advanced biological, chemical and physical theories and technologies.

Master’s Program(Number of places: 60)

  • Master of Engineering
  • Master of Philosophy
  • Master of Environmental Management

Doctoral Program(Number of places: 4)

  • Doctor of Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy


Chemical Processes and Environments

Environmental Biosystems

Environment and Resources Systems

Graduate Programs in Environmental Engineering
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