The University of Kitakyushu Faculty of Environmental Engineering


The keyword to decipher the future is “network”.

“Monodukuri” to date has involved the establishment of “vertical relationships” of engineering in order to mass produce high performance products. Environmental problems, due to having solely focused on the “vertical relationships” of engineering, have resulted in the Earth as a whole losing its balance. Going forward, in order for us to continue to use “monodukuri”, it is necessary for us to broaden our perspective to “horizontal relationships”, or in other words, understand, utilize and create “networks”. A society with “monodukuri network” that understands not only the “vertical relationships” of Science, Mechanics, Information and Architecture”, but also the “horizontal relationships”. That is the “recycling society” that the Faculty of Environmental Engineering aims for.

Introducing our courses

Courses Themes
Dept. of Chemical and Environmental Engineering With Chemistry as the base,we strive for clean energy, environmental preservation and resource recycling utilization.
Dept. of Mechanical Systems Engineering
Aiming at the construction of a sustainable society by achieving 
earth-conscious production-related technology.
Dept. of Information Systems Engineering
Exploring the potential of communications based on the use of advanced information technology as a core.
Dept. of Architecture
Pursuing city creation for the 21st century with a theme of environmental coexisting
Dept. of Life and Environment Engineering
Creating new technology via utilization of the complex structures of organisms.

Center for Fundamental Education, Hibikino Campus

Center for fundamental education offers courses to help organize the 
"foundation" for living with their own decision.