Center for Fundamental Education, Hibikino Campus

Center for Fundamental Education, Hibikino Campus

Faculty Member Introductions

English Education

Names Research Details
Tetsuya Kashiwagi My primary research fields are corpus linguistics—which covers style, register, rhetoric, and lexico-grammatical features—as well as the analysis of learner corpus and its application for second language acquisition.
Eiichiro Tsutsui I have been using ICT and other technological devices for various educational purposes.
Kiyomi Okamoto My major interest is finding ways to help university students transfer from language learners, who passively study language, into language users, who use English to accomplish their academic objectives, using various theories developed in ESP (English for specific purposes, a field of applied linguistics).
Anne M. Crescini I am currently researching the impact that the overseas study abroad experience has not only on the English ability of university students, but also on increasing their level of cultural awareness. I am also researching the impact of foreign loanwords on the English pronunciation of native Japanese speakers.
Roger J.A. Prior I am studying translation methods and techniques, paying particular regard to the translation of humour. I am focussing on how jokes and wit, which are rooted in culture and language, can be translated into a different system of signs.
Masanobu Ueda My research interests are concerned with how our linguistic and encyclopedic knowledge of a word, especially a verb, is organized, and how the verb's semantics is associated with sentence patterns. I am currently making a contrastive study of the English ditransitive construction and its Japanese counterpart, and verbs that are associated with each construction. I would like to elucidate the differences and similarities in how the giving and receiving situations (in a literal and metaphorical sense) are encoded in each language system.

Japanese Education

Names Research Details
Ryusuke Ikeda I am engaged in JSP (Japanese for Specific Purposes), focusing specially on developing learning resources for international students majoring in environmental engineering. These resources are designed to help them improve their academic language skills.

International Environment

Names Research Details
Hiroyuki Tsujii Through organization and strategy theories, I am examining how to execute comprehensive management including the three issues of “Economy, Society and Environment” that modern enterprises are facing.
Miyuki Nakaoka I am engaged in a comparative study of urban mechanisms and urban structures in Asian countries, focusing especially on China. I am also interested in the differences between the Japanese economy during its rapid growth period and the present Chinese economy.
Fumitoshi Murae I am studying the way education should be for solving various social issues, including environmental problems.