The University of Kitakyushu Faculty of Environmental Engineering

Dept. of Information and Media Engineering

Exploring the potential of communications based on the use of advanced information technology as a core

Features of the educational curriculum and methods

Pursuit of information technology that contributes to the prosperity of humanity and to social and cultural development

The advancement of information technology (IT) allows for trans-regional and cross-cultural communication and the development of a new culture through the creative use of information media. Such information media have been utilized in distributive and economic areas acting as a driving force behind the creation of new industries by forging connections between various technologies such as materials, production and space design. To create an affluent and safe environment by using such information and media technologies, we need to foster professional engineers with a broader perspective who are able to understand their responsibility to the earth, their place in society and have a strong sense of direction beyond the mere pursuit of narrow technological goals. The Department of Information and Media Engineering provides students with educational and research activities that allow them to deepen their knowledge, heighten their sensitivity and foster their skills, creativity and practical capability, which are essential attributes for future professional engineers.

Becoming a specialist in information for the future by making use of media

  • Design of very-large-scale integrated circuit (VLSI) leading to the realization of sophisticated computers
  • Development of software for a safe and reliable in-vehicle system
  • Development of a system of automatic design based on artificial intelligence
  • Planning and development of diversified communication services such as the Internet and mobile phones
  • Development of communication systems to secure personal information
  • Development of methods to process a range of information (signals) in the environment by computer
  • Development of ways to amalgamate, integrate and control computers and communications
  • Development of ways to realize next-generation visual and audio media

Pathways students can take after graduation

Expected future fields

  • Entrepreneurial ventures: environmental industry related ventures, Internet ventures and Silicon Valley ventures in the USA
  • Manufacturing engineers : mobile communications industry, Internet service industry, home-appliance manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers and car electronics manufacturers
  • International activities: international standards Organizations IT planning for municipalities
  • Education and Study: Researchers in universities and national laboratories (information engineering, media engineering, communications engineering and system engineering)
  • Information management: various types of enterprises, municipalities and educational and research institutes.