Tomonori KAWANO

Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Graduate School of Environmental Engineering

The University of Kitakyushu

Name Tomonori KAWANO

Title Professor
Degree Ph. D. (Agric. Sci.) (Nagoya Univ.)
Department Department of Life and Environment Engineering
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Education 1989-1994: Undergraduate program, Fac. of Agric. Sci., Miyazaki Univ., Japan.
1993-1994: Visiting student, Sch. of Biol. Sci., Univ. of East Anglia, United Kingdom. (Jan.- Aug. 1994: Research proj., Virology Dept, John Innes Centre)
1994-1996: Master course program, Grad. Sch. of Agri. Sci., Miyazaki Univ., Japan.
1996-1999: Ph. D. course, Grad. Sch. of Bioagric. Sci., Nagoya Univ., Japan.
Employment History 1999-2000: Research Scholar, Neurobiotechnol. Center, Ohio State Univ., USA.
2000-2001 : Post-Doctoral Researcher, Centre de Recherches de Nancy, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (and at Univ. de Henri Poincare), France.
2001-2003: Research Associate, Grad. Sch. of Sci., Hiroshima Univ., Japan
2003-PRESENT: Associate Prof. Univ. Kitakyushu, Kitakyushu, Japan
Teaching Activities Biochemistry, Environmental Biology
Research Interest (1) Chemical biology and Bioengineering; (2) Environmental biology; (3) Cell biology and biochemistry of plants, microbes and sometimes fishes.

15 Book chapters:
Kawano, T. and Furuichi, T. (2006) Salicylic acid as a defense-related plant hormone: Roles of oxidative and calcium signaling paths in salicylic acid biology. In: Salicylic Acid - A Plant Hormone. Springer, pp. 277-321.

86 Refereed and/or invited articles:
Kawano, T. (2003) Roles of the reactive oxygen species-generating peroxidase reactions in plant defense and growth induction. Plant Cell Rep. 21 (9): 829-837.
Lin, C. et al. (2005) Action of aluminum, novel TPC1-type channel inhibitor, against salicylate-induced and cold shock-induced calcium influx in tobacco BY-2 cells. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 332: 823-830.
Gavrilin, M. A. et al. (2005) Site-directed mutagenesis of CCR2 identified amino acid residues in transmembrane helices 1, 2, and 7 important for MCP-1 binding and biological functions. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.327: 533-540. 
Kawano, T. (2007) Prion-derived copper-binding peptide fragments catalyze the generation of superoxide anion in the presence of aromatic monoamines. Int. J. Biol. Sci. 3: 57-63. 
Umemura, K. et al. (2009) Contribution of salicylic acid glucosyltransferase, OsSGT1, to chemically induced disease resistance in rice plants. Plant J. 57 (3): 463-472.
Furukawa, S. et al. (2009) Micro-particle transporting system using galvanotactically stimulated apo-symbiotic cells of Paramecium bursaria. Z. Naturforsch. 64c: 421–433.
Other activities (1) Associate EditorPlant Signaling and Behavior (Landes Sci. Ltd, USA)
(2) Professeur invité (visiting prof.), Université de Paris 7, Paris, France (2005-2008)
(3) Visiting professor, Univ. of Florence, Florence, Italy (2010-2011)
(4) Vice President: Kitalkyushu Science and Research Park (KSRP) Association for LED-Applied Innovation. 
(5) President (Founder): Centre Franco-Japonais d'Histoire des Sciences (Kitakyushu-Paris)
(6) Organizers [4th Intl. Symp. on Plant Neurobiology (May, 2008; Fukuoka, Japan); 6th Intl. Symp. on Plant Neurobiology (May, 2011; Kitakyushu, Japan)]